The Cloud

Create invoices online, from anywhere and on any device

Accessible anywhere, on any device

Online invoicing via the cloud has many advantages compared to traditional invoicing software: BestInvoicing's cloud environment can be reached 24/7 from any location. Do you have a Windows computer, Mac, tablet or smartphone? Surf to and log in!

Automatic backups

Because your data is stored in the cloud, our systems can back up in several ways so that you never lose data. In addition, if desired, you can activate a link with well-known cloud storage services to keep an extra backup yourself.


Your data is stored in 1 central place in the cloud. This means that when and on which device you open BestInvoicing, you always have the latest version of your data. Even when you work with multiple users, you use the same data in real time.

Safe Storage

A program in the cloud is actually more secure than your own computer. BestInvoicing servers are not susceptible to viruses and are completely cut off from the web outside of online access to the program. You open your own business environment in our program via your e-mail address and password, and possibly an additional authentication via the smartphone. Data is encrypted via SSL and exchanged between your computer and our servers.

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