Product management

A handy database of your products

Easy use of products

You can easily create or import products in BestInvoicing. You can then easily insert these products into your documents by looking them up via the product name or article code. The price, name and description are automatically completed so that you can create and no time without additional research.


You gain insight into the sales history of products, the best-selling products, total turnover and much more. This way you can see in real time what your top products are with the most sales or largest turnover.

Stock management

You can easily activate the module in BestInvoicing. A virtual stock is calculated based on orders and a current stock based on the effective outgoing products. You can easily replenish the stock by entering your purchases.

Import and export

Does a supplier provide an article file or do you have an article file from a previous program? Easily import this into BestInvoicing and avoid duplication!

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