Sending invoices via the PEPPOL network

Send and receive e-invoices efficiently

Sending and receiving invoices via the PEPPOL network

The PEPPOL network is an alternative method to e-mail to send and receive invoices electronically, set up by the European Union. Full electronic invoices are sent over this network that can be processed semi-automatically by the recipient. Invoices received via this PEPPOL channel can therefore be entered into BestInvoicing with 1 click, without manually typing data. In BestInvoicing you simply activate a business address on this network on which you can receive invoices.

Since January 1, 2017, suppliers are obliged to send e-invoices when they want to invoice the Flemish government. These invoices must comply with the guidelines of the . These e-invoices are not ordinary PDF documents but special "XML" files that are much easier to process by computers. These invoices may also not be forwarded by e-mail, but must be forwarded via the European "PEPPOL" network. This is quite a technical and complex process, but with this link you only have to press 1 button and you don't have to worry further.

Sending and receiving via PEPPOL is included up to 100 documents per month. Need more capacity? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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