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BestInvoicing for accountants

Link customer files and get real-time insight

From your accountant account you create a new entrepreneur account or link existing accounts. Once you have gained access to these accounts, you can monitor the status of a company in real time and collect and process invoices in various ways in your own accounting package.

Easily process to your own accounting package

BestInvoicing is not an accounting program, but a program for entrepreneurs. The actual accounting is conducted through your own accounting package, but BestInvoicing makes it easy to transfer the documents that the entrepreneur creates to your own package. The best method to use depends on which package you are using.

Handy tool for your customers

BestInvoicing is a very useful package for many entrepreneurs. As a result, they will manage and monitor their own administration better, which also ensures more correct and better processing in the accounting. Wrong sequence numbers, dates, ... are a thing of the past.

Because BestInvoicing is a program made for entrepreneurs and not an extension of an accounting package, no difficult terms are used and everything has been developed with a view to user-friendliness.

Help BestInvoicing grow

When you recommend BestInvoicing to customers, you contribute to the growth of BestInvoicing. That is why you also get a nice commission for referring customers. for accountants is the perfect tool to digitize the document exchange with your customers!

Use your own trusted accounting package but minimize manual input by collaborating with your customer via BestInvoicing. His invoices created with BestInvoicing are easy to transfer to almost any accounting package.