Sage BOB50

Import BestInvoicing invoices into Sage BOB50

Import BestInvoicing invoices into Sage BOB50

Sage BOB50 is not an accounting program in the cloud, which means that it is not possible to make a direct link with Sage BOB50 from BestInvoicing. However, there are several options available to transfer invoices from BestInvoicing to a Sage BOB50 file:

Sage has a partnership with ClearFacts for their digital delivery platform "Sage Cloud Demat". Since BestInvoicing is linked with ClearFacts, it is also possible to use this link for "Sage Cloud Demat". Furthermore, sales invoices can also be collected via Codabox when they have first been sent to Codabox via BestInvoicing. The classic method of importing UBL files can of course also be used. These files can be obtained by exporting them directly from BestInvoicing or by automatically synchronizing them with your own server or a cloud storage service. is the perfect tool to facilitate document exchange with your clients!

Use your own trusted accounting software but minimize manual input by cooperating with your clients via BestInvoicing. Invoices created with BestInvoicing are easily transferable to almost any accounting software.

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